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Another promo and the Latest book

Happy to report I have signed up for my first joint book promotion! I don't know what's more nerve racking - releasing a new book ortaking part in a joint promotion with a host of great authors. I am leaning towards the promotion winning hands down.

Watch this space tomorrow for a link to a free download of my last book, A Killer's Journal. And while you are downloading my book, check out some of the free offerings from the other great authors. Several genres are included in the promotion so I have no doubt you will find something of interest. You may also find a new author or two to follow.

I am also quite thrilled, yes indeed, to report I have a brand new Jackie Preston short story waiting to find it's way into your lovely hands. In A Killer's Journal a reference is made to Jackie's stabbing. Don't worry, she recovered wonderfully, however, a few readers asked me what happened to her.  All Sorts, set in Manchester, UK - details the events surrounding how Jackie found herself on the receiving end of a knife.

Short and sweet at around 5500 words, All Sorts steps back in time to when Jackie was a Detective Inspector in the Regional Crime Squad. I have more 'flashback books' as I call them and will be releasing them interspersed with the main Oasis Cold Case Team books.  Sign up to my newsletter and get your free copy of All Sorts.

Due to the fact I am technically challenged I will be manually sending out the copies of All Sorts until such time as I can have the process automated. Please bare in mind I have readers from all over the globe and we will probably be in different time zones. As soon as I get notification of your sign up I will send out the book in the format of your choice: epub, mobi, or pdf.

I look froward to hearing from you!