Kasey Mulligan


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When Private Investigator Claudia “Claude” Oldham is hired for what she thinks is a routine missing person’s case, it turns out the case is nothing but complicated. In the small town of Oasis, where everyone knows everyone, the missing teen proves to be harder to find than a needle in a haystack. Running out of time and leads, Claude enlists the help of one of her trusted friends, Jackie Preston. But just when her luck seems to be changing for the better, Claude is literally knocked off her feet…

With the ingredients of one gold-digging stepmother, one dad with secrets, and one street-smart teen thrown in for good measure, you have all the makings of a recipe for disaster! Missing is a short story featuring the main characters from the Oasis Cold Case Team series. If you enjoyed this story, check out A Killer’s Journal, the first book in the series!


Conspiracy of Silence

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Decades after a Los Angeles murder case has gone cold, the trail heats up with blazing hot evidence… 

The murder weapon is found. 

And it’s covered with bloody fingerprints.

Jackie Preston and the Oasis Cold Case Squad are sure it will be a slam dunk, a speedy arrest. But the case takes an unexpected turn when evidence is unearthed that points to a conspiracy that links a dead coroner, a disgraced district attorney and a reformed gangster.

But when the conspiracy points to the very core of the LAPD - and maybe to someone who's stolen Jackie’s heart - can she look past the lies and her own distrust to solve the case? 

Or will everything, including her relationship, fall apart?


A Killer's Journal

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Former Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Preston is utterly bored with her retirement. One can only have lunch, snooze, and play so many rounds of golf before being completely over it. After months of complaining about how dull things have become in sunny Oasis to her friends - former forensic pathologist Fannie May Washington and Private Investigator Claudia Oldham – suddenly life gets more interesting…

After discovering an unusual find at a local thrift store, Jackie leaps at the chance to stretch her investigative muscles again. But when her innocent thrift store treasure exposes a disturbing story of the forgotten murder of a young woman with connections to a local convent, Jackie, Fannie and Claudia come to the realization that life is no longer just interesting. 

 It’s downright dangerous.

 This is the first book in the Oasis Cold Case Mysteries.


The Legacy

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Still reeling from the death of her father, Lauren Kimberly receives a devastating call that threatens her family’s honor. Sent a series of cryptic clues which uncover a cache of multi-million dollar treasures, Lauren finds her life turned completely upside-down.

The enigmatic Sykes completely unnerves her. Helpful to her in her quest to find some of the treasures, Lauren is grateful and feels she can move and pick up the pieces of her life but Sykes thinks there is more and refuses to let her out of his sight. But Lauren is convinced that all that’s to be found has been discovered.

Or has it?

As Lauren grapples with her feelings about Sykes’s suspicious behavior, she abruptly disappears without a trace…and Sykes may be the only one who can save her.