Still reeling from her father’s untimely death, Lauren Kimberly receives a frightening call from a stranger that puts her father’s honor at stake. As she follows cryptic clues to find a cache of diamonds and an invention worth millions of dollars, Lauren Kimberly’s life is turned upside down. But she is not alone. The mysterious and handsome Sykes unnerves her: he won’t let her out of his sight. Why? When a chance encounter makes the first clue fall into place, Lauren is relieved she can go back to her life. But Sykes refuses to accept they have found the missing items, even when he has them in his hands. Is Sykes just trying to stay close to Lauren, or is there something else at stake? Lauren’s suspicions about Sykes deepen when he fails to take her to an important meeting. Sykes has stirred feelings she thought were deeply buried and the sooner she can get back to her routine life and far away from him, the happier she will be. 

Then Lauren is kidnapped. 

The Russian mafia, a crooked executive, a corporate conspiracy. Can Sykes find Lauren before it’s too late?